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About ME

Hannah Elisabeth Gaff

Hannah is an international theatre creator, therapeutic clown, movement director
and teacher. She was a 2022 Fulbright Scholar at the Egyptian Academy of Arts in
Cairo, a 2023 Fulbright Specialist in Pakistan, and has taught physical theatre cour-
ses and performed around the world. Hannah is a Visiting Assistant Professor of
Acting at Vassar College in New York and an Alexander Technique Teacher. In
collaboration with non-profit organizations such as Clowns Without Borders,
the Medical Clown Project and ClownCorps, Hannah performs in hospitals,
on the street and in care centers locally and internationally, offering
laughter relief to children and families who have experienced crisis.
Compelled by the transformative power of play, she seeks to
facilitate play spaces and collaborative performances
that foster connection, shift perspectives and
nurture a deeper understanding of our
shared human experience


UpLift Physical Theatre

As an ensemble of theatre-makers, we reveal the underbelly of the human experience through the intimacy of live performance. We employ heightened forms of physical expression such as acrobatics and dance to create stories that are visceral and universal. Our wholehearted engagement on stage forges meaningful connections which are a rare but vital resource in our current world.


  • Between the Lines, 2013
  • Taken Away, 2014
  • Terra Incognita, 2015
  • The many (Illustrious/remarkable/hungry/lonely)
    children of Frances Lemoore, 2016
  • Through the Waves, 2017
  • Enmity of the People, 2017
  • The Unimaginable Code, 2022
  • The Friendship, 2022

Enmity of
the People

Enmity of the People

An adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's, An Enemy of the People. First developed in residence at AcroSports and the Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology Program at the University of Dayton in Ohio in collaboration with Zoot Theatre Company.

the Waves

Through the Waves

Weaving a poetic vocabulary of acrobatic movement and storytelling, this award-winning intimate play tells the tale of one woman, lost between the uncharted waters of her grief and the shores of her joyful memories following the disappearance of her soul-mate.

Teaching &

Teaching & Directing

Project Highlights:

  • Zimbabwe Fulbright Specialist 2024
  • Pakistan Fulbright Specialist 2023
  • Turkey 2023
  • Egypt 2023
  • Morocco 2022
  • Zimbabwe 2022
  • Egypt Fulbright Scholar 2021/2022
  • Colombia 2019
  • Puerto Rico 2019
  • Indonesia 2018/2019
  • Lebanon 2017/2018

Pakistan Fulbright

Fulbright Specialist Award

May 2023: A collaboration between the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and the US Consulate. Consisted of four weeks of physical theatre workshops with three levels of Acting Program students at Arts Council, culminating in a public performance. Additionally there were public workshops at community organizations in Karachi.

Egypt Fulbright

Fulbright Scholar Award
Egypt 2021-2022

  • Served as Professor of Theatre & Movement at Egyptian Academy of Arts.
  • Directed I Will Hold You Up, a movement theatre play.
  • Directed Secret Mission, a clown play.
  • Taught workshops at NAHDA, a physical theatre school in Cairo.
  • Led a movement theatre workshop at Nihad Saliha Theatre with local artists.
  • Taught workshops at American University Cairo, Cairo Contemporary Dance and more.


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